Relocating; 5 Places to Find Cheap Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are the boxes used in packing during relocation. They are made with cardboards and they come in different sizes and types ranging from 1.5 cubics, 3.0 cubic, 4.5 cubic, dish pack, mirror boxes and others which may include mattress boxes. They can be used to pack both light items and heavy items.

When moving, some relocation companies provide moving boxes at an extra cost to their clients; but in a situation where you want to save money and get your own boxes, then you would have to source locally for the boxes.

Relocating Soon? Here are Five Places You Can Find Cheap Moving Boxes Easily.

  1. Shopping Malls: Shopping malls are filled with mini stores that often sell products that are packaged. Usually, they have to dispose these boxes after displaying the products or opt to sell them. If you can persuade them, they may give it to you for free or at a giveaway price.


  1. Electronic stores: Most electronic stores are expected to have boxes in which they remove their products from. These boxes sometimes are littered around their offices. So if they find someone requesting for it, they would gladly grant the person’s request. Although you may be asked to pay a little sum for the boxes.


  1. Neighbours: This is rare, because you may not get boxes from this source often. It can only be a coincidence. Maybe at the time you need the box, your next door neighbour just bought an item which is packed in a box. If you are lucky to find someone, contact that person to request for the box. I believe if the person does not have plans for the box after removing the item, the person would be willing to give it to you for free.


  1. Supermarkets: This is one cheap place you can get boxes. It is expected that most supermarkets receive orders weekly or once in two weeks. It would be advisable if you can approach them to keep boxes for you when they receive their next order.


  1. Factories: There are some materials that are shipped in with cartons. When the item in the box has been used up or removed, they may opt to trash the boxes. If you have approached them or someone in charge of the disposal of the waste, it is possible they can give it out for free or at a lower cost.

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